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Specially formulated to make up for the flavours and aromas of both the hops and grains that are lost in the concentration process used in the manufacture of kits.

“Stee pacs” are mixes of malted barley, malted wheat and hop pellets that, when used in conjunction with Deliverance kits and brewing sugars, allows you to mix and match to make your version of most commercial beers. They can also be used to improve the flavour of kits produced by other manufacturers.
Use the “easy-to-follow” instructions on the pack and you will find that the extra few minutes required over and above a normal can brew will make an enormous improvement to the taste of your beer.

EURO PAC – For German and Belgian Beers
PILS PAC – For light coloured beer with a punch.
MEX PAC – For when you go south of the border.
SNAPA PAC – The taste of America.
BRIT PAC – When you want a real English ale.
AUSSIE PAC – For when you don’t.
MAC PAC – If your beer comes in a Kilt.
WHIT PAC – For the hazy days of summer wheat.
BLAC PAC – To bring out the Irish in you.


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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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