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Black Rock Bock is a dark malty German style Bock. Brewed with four specialty malts Black Rock Bock is a complex, full flavoured dark beer. Brew with 1kg Black Rock Liquid Brewing Sugar (or 1kg other sugar) for a more black lager style finish. For even more body, colour and malt flavour use 1.7kg Black Rock Amber or Dark unhopped malt extract instead of sugar.
Costly, time-consuming all grain processes are not necessary to create quality craft wort at home. Discerning home brewers are always looking to improve their brewing techniques and beer quality. With this in mind, the master brewers at Black Rock have expertly brewed the highest quality fresh wort in a state-of-the-art Krones brewery, using only the finest fresh NZ malt before gently evaporating to 80 b
IBU: 16
SRM: 25
69.1% Lager,
16.7% Caramalt,
8.3% Crystal,
4.6% Chocolate and
1.3% Roasted malts
Hops, bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem
ABV: 4.5% (approx. using 1kg Black Rock Liquid Brewing Sugar)
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