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An easy-drinking crowd pleaser brewed with sun-drenched summer days in mind. A light-bodied beer chock full of aromatic Aussie hops, Galaxy and Enigma. The big tropical fruit bowl aroma is balanced by subtle bitterness and a clean finish.

Colour: 4.1 EBC

IBU: 29

Expected FG:1.010

ABV: 4.25%

Fermenting Temp: 17-22C

 Yeast included: Deliverance Ale

Yeast Upgrade: Bluestone San Diego, MJ M44 West Coast, M66 Hophead, Lallemand Bry-97, Nottingham, Verdant

Dry Hop Recommendations: Enigma, Galaxy.

Fresh Wort Kit Instructions

  1. Sterilise fermenter.
  2. Pour contents of cube into fermenter and aerate. Take care opening cube as they are filled hot and to the top. Do not add any water unless you want to reduce the alcohol and body of the beer. Our fresh worts are approximately 22L and designed to give you 20L of finished product or 12L and give you 10L of finished product.
  3. Pitch the yeast. (We recommend sprinkling the yeast onto the foam on top of the brew from pouring wort into the fermenter.)
  4. Once fermentation is complete you can cold crash otherwise botte/keg, carbonate and condition.
  5. Once carbonated and cold it’s ready to enjoy.
  6. All brews can benefit from being dry hopped, we generally recommend adding the last hop listed on the label at day 3.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 32 cm


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